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I’m Clément Pit–Claudel. I like programming challenges and algorithmic puzzles ; I designed Create Synchronicity. Read my full bio or drop me a mail (codecrumbs/live.com) if you have questions.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Will Braynen

    Hi Clément,

    My dad is trying to cite you in his conference paper on music education (ear-training stuff) and the example that caught my eye, which I think is perfect for him, is your Oscar Wilde fill-in quote that you posted on your blog at http://pit-claudel.fr/clement/blog/an-experimental-estimation-of-the-entropy-of-english-in-50-lines-of-python-code/

    The citation I came up with for him (APA) style is:

    Pit–Claudel, C. (n.d.) An experimental estimation of the entropy of English, in 50 lines of Python code. Retrieved November 04, 2017, from http://pit-claudel.fr/clement/blog/an-experimental-estimation-of-the-entropy-of-english-in-50-lines-of-python-code/

    What year would you like him to use?


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